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Solimara Skin Care: Your complete, truly natural, certified skin care solution.

Our Solimara range of certified natural skin care products are suitable for all skin types and enable you to reclaim your bare skin confidence.

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Solimara Products Are Certified

Solimara is proud, to be certified NATRUE by BioGro. The NATRUE label sets a high standard which guarantees quality and integrity so people worldwide may identify and enjoy natural cosmetics truly worthy of that name.

Solimara Product Range

Sunscreen Range

SPF50 Green

Solimara has created unique Truly Natural sun protection products with the modern day consumer in mind.

Skin Rebel Range

Skin Rebel Green

Focusing on using 100% truly natural ingredients and processes as prescribed by NATRUE, Solimara presents Skin Rebel.

How Solimara Can Help You

Solimara Protect


Providing a natural layer of protecting against UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays

Solimara repair


Delivering a supercharged blend of oils and extracts to repair skin damage

Solimara Renew


Naturally supporting the production of fresher, brighter and firmer looking skin cells

Why is natural skin care better?

Your skin is your biggest organ. Studies show that on average, 64% of what you place on the surface of your skin is absorbed into your body.

If you choose to fuel your body by making healthy choices, it makes sense to do the same thing with your skin.


Source: Brown et al. The role of skin absorption as a route of exposure for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in drinking water. Am J Public Health. 1984 May; 74(5): 479–484.

How Did Solimara Happen?

Rosalind and Edith

Meet Edith and Rosalind

“We became good friends after sadly losing a mutual friend to cancer. It was then that we also realised that we shared a common interest in wellness and natural products.

We noticed that many of our family and friends were unhappy with the sunscreens they were using and during the summer of 2013 we started experimenting with natural ingredients to see if we could create a 100% natural product, free of nasty, skin irritating chemicals.

We started work, researching and understanding what it would take to create our own 100% natural sunscreen. Initial tests we hugely successful and from there, we contacted New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of high-quality personal care products to further develop our sunscreen.”
And that’s how the journey began…….

Experience Solimara

How to apply Solimara Sunscreen

Solimara truly natural Sunscreen is different from most products on the market. With conventional sunscreens, the active chemical ingredients are required to sink down into the different layers of your skin before they become “active.” This is why it is recommended that you wait 15 to 20 minutes before going out in the sun.  When you apply Solimara truly natural sunscreen, you can go out into the sun straight away! This is because our mineral based sunscreen is designed to sit on top of your skin, acting like a mirror, reflecting sunlight away from the skins surface and creating a layer of protection immediately!


Feedback on Solimara Sunscreen And Skin Rebel

Love the product! Using everyday on the kids face, not once have they been burnt at school! Smells great & feels better than any sunblock we have ever tried!
I have sensitive skin and am always really careful about what I use on my face. As I’m getting older, I’ve noticed the effects of collagen loss and skin sagging and am amazed how day by day since using Skin Rebel by Solimara that my skin is firming and looking smoother. When my skin looks good, I feel better about me! Total win. Thanks Solimara!
Love this product and always have a small container in my bag. Also use it on my grandson who is 9 months old. It’s not sticky and provides excellent protection. Hopefully this product makes its way into more and more shops soon.

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